Steffani Scheurich was born and raised in Kentucky, the home of fine Bourbon, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Fast Horses. Whiskey has been in her life since the very was practically in her baby bottle!  

Her father, David E. Scheurich, worked for Seagram's, Wild Turkey, and Brown-Forman while she was growing up, so conversations in the house were always lively and interesting.  David Scheurich helped start Woodford Reserve Distillery. He was there when the distillery was nothing but weeds, and built it into what it is today.  He was the Project Manager of the extensive renovation project that transformed it into a National Historic Landmark.  He lived on the distillery grounds for over 15 years and walked across the street to work.  He managed the distillery and its production/distillation processes.  He has since retired from Woodford Reserve and is now the Master Distiller for Boondocks Whiskey.  He also owns High Spirits Enterprise, LLC which specializes in consulting for production and distillation, setting up new distilleries, etc.  He has been in the Beverage Alcohol business for over 40 years, and was a Whiskey Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award winner. Steffani is mighty proud of her father, and is happy to follow in his footsteps.

Like Father, Like Daughter!

Steffani began a twenty-three year career in traditional Consumer Packaged Goods, but had a desire for the familiar. For twelve years, she worked with many fine colleagues at Brown-Forman and Pernod Ricard, where she was able to learn much about marketing, sales and category management in the three-tier system.  Strategic Marketing, Marketing Planning, Events and Media/Creative processes in the Beverage Alcohol environment is where Steffani found her passion.

Steffani has always had the dream of starting her own business.  She is extremely passionate about the newest developments in the craft spirits arena, and believes craft spirits are the future of the beverage alcohol business. High Spirits Marketing, LLC is born!  High Spirits Marketing, LLC is a perfectly fitting name for a daughter who loves her father.

Steffani would like to thank the managers and colleagues who have helped shape her career.  She would also like to thank her family and the many friends who keep her in "High Spirits" every day!  When life hands you lemons, make lemonade...and spike it with some really good booze!

If you are in need of strategic planning and marketing assistance, Steffani would love to hear from you!